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"A modern fantasy fable for children"
Beavers' Big Problem is a modern fantasy fable for children, with an unlikely nerd hero figure in Walter Groundhog, an engineer with a Ph.D. in Super Snazzy Mechanical Engineering. The beavers in Far Away Land have a terrible problem that affects all of them and their economy adversely. Their Ice Cream Factory, which provides food and employment for most of them, has broken down and needs a new Clopzip. Despite far ranging cooperative efforts, no new Clopzip can be found. The Beavers are sunk! Along comes Walter Groundhog on a bicycle trek. When young Rodney Beaver tells him the sad story of the irreplaceable Clopzip (during his lunch break), Walter has a bright idea. With only nine days, six hours and 47 minutes of work, he is able to design and install a new Clopzip which works perfectly! Everyone celebrates and Rodney Beaver is inspired to pursue a new career in fixing unlikely things, with Walter’s example in mind. Walter is given a key to Far Away Land and a parade is held in his honor, with complementary ice cream sundaes for all. Hooray for Groundhog Day, on February 2 in the United States, which undoubtedly stems from this great achievement of Walter Groundhog’s Colorful, amusing illustrations complement the tongue in cheek tale’s tone and make “Beavers’ Big Problem” an appealing book for kids age 7 and up to read. Beavers’ Big Problem comes with a free audio book digital download. - Children's Bookwatch (Midwest Book Review) January 2012
"Amusing, endearing.... Great Job! "
Disaster strikes the Far Away Land in a most unexpected of ways!...amusing, endearing tale of one town’s desperate search to save their town and all who live in it, when the solution is not-existent!! Beavers’ Big Problem will keep the reader guessing, and wondering, while leading the reader to an amazing revelation!! Great Job! by Author Michelle A.B. McKenzie to capture the curiosity and inner child that dwells within all of us. A Great Read for Readers of ALL Ages! I highly recommend it. - RAM Book Reviews March 2012

"A Great quick read for readers of ALL ages." 
From Children's Author, Michelle A.B. McKenzie, comes her latest in the Beaver Series of books, Beavers' Big Discovery.  The Great Rodent Festival is fast approaching, but a burglary threatens to bungle all the festivities and ruin the day.  Will the Great Rodent Festival cease to exist?  Will the efforts of the townfolk of Far Away Land all be for nothing?  The inner child in you will keep on reading to the very end, and you'll be glad you did for there you will discover a delicious surprise!    A great quick read for readers of all ages.  RAM Book Review highly recommends it!  - RAM Book Reviews December 2012.
News and Reviews for Michelle A.B. McKenzie
November 2014--The Naptime Reviewer:  Beavers' Big Problem "is super cute".  "...a great story that teaches about helping others and that there is always a solution to a problem"  Beavers' Big Discovery is "another great story of turning disaster into a positive thing and coming together as a town to solve a problem."  "I especially love that she tosses bigger words into each story to challenge readers." www.thenaptimereviewer.com

August 2014--209 Magazine Book Review:  the books "focus on introducing as many fun and unique words as possible" Click here to read the full review.

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